Hayes Peebles is a solo artist.

We admit that calling a young singer-songwriter the next Conor Oberst is about as cliche as calling Conor Oberst the next Bob Dylan, but we can't deny that we hear a lot of those qualities in Hayes. Songs about sitting on the steps of Union Square, lonely subway rides and not getting into shows because you're too young. These are real songs by a real New Yorker, and no matter what age you happen to be, Hayes' music paints a vivid picture of what the city looks and feels like to a 14 year old. It's incredible to hear effective songs from a perspective that is rarely represented by such a legitimate voice.

We were thrilled to have Hayes play a set at the Gothamist House at CMJ, and are looking forward to catching him again tonight at the Annex. Have a listen to a few of his songs on Myspace.

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