Photo by Melissa Canella

Goes Cube is:
Kenny Appell - Drums
Matthew Frey - Bass
David Obuchowski - Guitar, Vocals

We first heard of Goes Cube while reading about the upcoming Oh My Rockness showcase this Friday at the Brooklyn Lyceum. Upon noticing two of the four bands were previous Gothamist Band of the Weekers and already being familiar with the awesomeness that is the Detachment Kit, we needed to see what the deal was with the fourth band on the bill. Unsurprisingly, they rock as well. From the few songs we've downloaded off their website, they've got a heavy driving sound that alternates soft and loud with the best of them. The quiet parts are as emotional as their shrieking confessionals. They've only recently replaced their "beating machine" with a real drummer, playing their first show as an official three-piece this January. They now have a much fuller and satisfying sound. Go check them out this Friday, and be sure to stick around for our other favorites.

Goes Cube - Goes Cube Song 26 (mp3)

Listen to more on their Myspace page.

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