Foreign Islands are: Mark Ryan Dean Baltulonis James Gelini Johnny McAuliffe Andy Action

It's tough not to notice a band that can get you to dance like this. There has been a bit of growing buzz around these guys of late for their angular dance-rock that draws obvious comparisons from legends such as Gang of Four to contemporaries like Thunderbirds are Now! and Bloc Party. Some may claim that this sound has already hit its peak and has become a bit played out, but with bands like Foreign Islands still emerging from the basement clubs of New York, it's hard to see the sweat drying up anytime soon. They have earned the reputation as one of the best live bands in New York City and we are looking forward to seeing for ourselves at the Mercury Lounge tonight. Have a listen to the mp3's below from their self-titled EP and come out later to see what all the fuss is about.

Foreign Islands - Fine Dining w/ The Future
Foreign Islands - Ghost Story (mp3)

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