Doveman is: thomas bartlett--voice, piano, wurlitzer, pump organ, harmonium
sam amidon--banjo, guitar
dougie bowne--drums, guitar
jacob danziger--electronics, violin
shahzad ismaily--drums, guitar

Shhhh. Doveman's self-described "lamp-rock" is the quietest music you can hear in a New York rock club these days. Their album has gotten raves by the press, but it is their live show that left us with our jaw on the floor. We first saw them play at, well, our own Movable Hype 4.0 and was awed by the Thomas Bartlett's whisper vocals over his piano, alongside a heartbreaking solitary horn and other subtle accompaniments. It’s a completely hypnotizing sound we haven’t yet been able to shake. They just happen to be playing a show tonight at the Mercury Lounge alongside Rob Dickinson of The Catherine Wheel. Get there early, grab a glass of red wine at the bar and settle in for the night of pretty music.

Check out the Gothamist band interview of them from last August here. You can also download a couple MP3's below:

Doveman - Honey (mp3)
Doveman - Teacup (mp3)

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Photo via Brooklyn Vegan