Bishop Allen is:
Jack Delamitraux (drums)
Christian Owens (bass)
Justin Rice (guitar, vocals)
Christian Rudder (guitar)

In 2003, these 4 released one of the most popular and critically acclaimed local indie records with Charm School. Before we ever clapped our hands and said yeah, Bishop Allen were selling thousands of records on their own with no label or official support aside from the word of mouth of fans. They've got a distinct New York sound, despite that they will probably draw the most comparisons to West Coast bands Pavement and Modest Mouse. Their lyrics are smart and clever and the music makes you bounce around. In 2006, they have taken on the ambitious task of releasing a new EP of music every month, leading up to the release of their anticipated full length follow-up, Clementine. The limited edition January disc is out now and can be purchased here, or at their show at Pianos this Friday. Come check them out.

Bishop Allen - Corazon (mp3)
Bishop Allen - Things are What you Make of Them (mp3)

listen to more on their myspace page.

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