Benzos is: Christian Celaya, Brian Joyce, Eiko Peck, Steve Bryant

We were thrilled when Benzos agreed to play the Gothamist House during CMJ this year. The set was really fantastic, though it was odd to see them stripped down like that. What had always stood out to us was their absolutely devastating drummer. The first time we saw them at Mercury Lounge a while back, we couldn't take our eyes off the guy. It was totally hypnotizing. But really, the strippeddownedness just made us appreciate the music more, focusing on the complexities of the electronic beats and delicate tunes, rather than jaw dropping bombast. One of the surest sign of quality songs is if they hold up to the "acoustic" treatment. No doubt, Benzos passed the test.

Have a listen at their myspace. Tomorrow night they return in full form to open for Hippie Techno band The New Deal at Bowery Ballroom.