Beirut is: Zach Condon

We know what you're thinking...wasn't this guy SO three weeks ago? Perhaps, but what was lost in the amazing flurry of buzz and hype is that this kid has played like two shows ever. Not to mention he didn't even have his full band together. Now, after some deep breaths, he's back for real. With a horn section and everything. And we expect his already stunning live show to gain that much more depth and richness. They will be at Northsix next Tuesday, June 20th, and last time we checked, the show wasn't sold out yet. Now is the time to see if all the attention is deserved. It took us a couple listens, but we've come around in a big way.

You can listen to and download two of our favorite tracks off the album at Myspace.

Are you in a local band that deserves this city's attention? Have you discovered a group that needs to be noticed? Email us at, we're always looking to hear something new.

(photo via Kathryn)