Asobi Seksu is: Yuki - Keyboard, Vocals, James Hanna - Guitar, Vocals, Haji - Bass, Mitch Spivak - Drums

Another veteran of the Movable Hype Series (Number 1!), Asobi Seksu has been blowing away New York audiences with their sonic blast of sound for a few years now. The music on record has always been great, but live, these four unleash an experience unparalleled in the local scene. Overwhelming the crowd in sound, it envelops them in a noisy Shoegaze haze. This week, the band has released their latest album, Citrus, and is celebrating by playing a show at Joe's Pub tomorrow night. Seeing a band like this in a space like Joe's should be an absolute treat.

You can listen to both some old and new tracks at their Myspace page.

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