A Place to Bury Strangers are: Oliver Ackermann, Jono MOFO, JSpace

They have a name that sticks with you, and for the last couple years, we'd always take notice when these guys on the bill. Once we finally got around to taking a listen, who woulda thunk, they're actually pretty good! God bless them for still sticking around with that electrogoth Depeche/Cure thing even after the Killers went Americana and She Wants Revenge made us embarrassed for our Interpol MP3s, cause we remember that revival fondly and didn't really want it to end so soon. Whether you feel like reliving 2004 or 1984, these guys should provide the perfect dance soundtrack for your hollowed out, disaffected lives.

Check out some tunes on Myspace, and go check em out tonight at Northsix.

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