Jen, Aaron, and Jake

Thanks to:
- Everyone who showed up last night to the second Gothamist-601AM Happy Hour; it was great meeting all of you and we think it may have topped the last one.
- Everyone who was there in spirit - there's always next time!
- Mike C and Dave for DJing
- John and the staff at Remote Lounge for finally making it all work out (after some serious plotzing)
- Hurricaine Isabel for not coming
- Sam P for making us some rad t-shirts (we might even sell them if demand is high - let us know if you want one; reader Henry likes his)
- Rachel for giving us a copy of a book her writing is featured in - very sexy
- LS and JVG for letting us come to the afterparty even though they pretended there wasn't one - we're too smart to fall for that one, boys!
- JW for giving us aspirin so our head wouldn't hurt so much
- And to our wonderful co-host, Aaron - we love you.

We'll have a more thorough wrap-up later, but check out photos from Remote Lounge last night - we think most start around 9PM. (For you Anil-fans, he's on this page.) And Sam T took some photos with his cameraphone.

- rion has some great photos from last night; we didn't realize how tight the girls' t-shirts were until now...
- Where to find our Happy Hour photos

Sam at Remote