Me and my hoodieAfter Jake got his hoodie from Neighborhoodies, I decided to order one. But what to personalize it with? Riverside? Glen Rock? Basking Ridge? Mid-Levels? Jake suggested Trumpland. I decided to represent and get one with "Gothamist."

I ordered it on February 26 and true to their word, I received it well within the 3-6 week time. I ordered it a little big, because there would be nothing more embarassing than a too-tight hoodie, but in hindsight, I could have gone a size down. I shared the experience of seeing my new hoodie with a neighbor in the elevator because I tore into the box there; it was also PR as he said he would check Gothamist out.

Sigh, I love my hoodie. Thanks, Neighborhoodies.

What do you think?