It's been twenty years since Batgirl landed in a wheelchair, but she's primed for a comeback. At least in print. According to the NY Post, Batgirl is returning sans wheelchair as part of DC Comics’ massive overhaul, which starts this week and will reboot their more iconic characters. Series writer Gail Simone says, "It’s tremendously exciting to see her smiling on the cover of her own hit book finally, ready to kick ass against Gotham City’s worst monsters."

But will the librarian-turned-crimefighter, Barbara Gordon, ever return to the big screen? The third and final Christopher Nolan production, The Dark Knight Rises, will feature Catwoman. But Batgirl hasn't come to life on the screen since 1997, when Alicia Silverstone portrayed her in Batman & Robin, and before that, in the Batman television series in the late '60s (played by Yvonne Craig).

Here was the first episode where Batgirl appeared on the series, which actually never aired: