Speaking of Bret Easton Ellis, the writer has taken a brief moment from Tweeting about Fifty Shades Of Grey to hawk his very own piece of New York City real estate.

Ellis, who is based out of LA, has a New York pied-à-terre that's housed inside of what he calls a "very cool building"—and indeed it is. The studio/loft space (pictured) is in the American Felt Buliding at 114 East 13th Street, and it's got a subdued American Psycho feel to it (maybe it's the white couch giving us that Patrick Bateman vibe).

According to the listing, "the area where this apartment is located actually includes eight different neighborhoods." How is that even possible—is NYU a neighborhood now?

In less fictional details—it's got a terrace, a washer/dryer, maple floors, hardly any spattered blood stains, 14' ceilings, and "lots of open space where you can live the life you love."