2006_04_jps.jpgThe Daily News continued its coverage of the Page Six gossip scandal with the emails between reporter Jared Paul Stern and one of Ron Burkle's staffers - and these emails show Stern asking where the money is! Stern, under investigation by the feds for trying to extort billionaire Burkle in exchange for more neutral coverage, claims that he was asking about an investment Burkle was supposed to make in his Skull & Bones clothing company, which Gothamist can sort of believe - the fulfillment section is totally Cafe Press, and that Burkle is manipulating the Daily News to make the Post look bad. But the big news, though it seems like non-news, that the Daily News and Times are tackling is how gossip columnists tend/seem to be nice to their friends - or people who give them freebies, fly them out for events, give their kids jobs... Anyway, Gothamist has been loving the Post-Daily News slugfest because while the two papers hate each other, one would never survive without the other.

Oh, and Stern's lawyer is Joseph Tacopina, familiar to people as the lawyer for disgraced former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and Joran van der Sloop - yes, that Joran van der Sloop in the Natalee Holloway case.