The Spaceman Cometh Warren Hoge's article about Kevin Spacey being the creative director at the Old Vic was one of the best gossipy articles from the Times in a while. Talking about Spacey's "charm offensive" and also tipping a hat to the the question of his much wondered about sexuality, I became very envious of Warren Hoge getting to report about that and how the walls at the Old Vic sweat. (Walls sweat? Guess so) My favorite British tabloid, The Sun also reported of the ascension of Mr. Spacey into the British acting community. Read the Tom Junod article that started all the fuss about the gay question; Dwyer & Michaels think he is. Kevin Spacey's online arm of his production company,Trigger Street, wants to know if your screenplay has the stuff. A site dedicated to all things Spacey, Driving Mr. Spacey.