200709foundry.jpgWe haven't checked in on Gossip Girl since the show was filming around town and the producer touted New York as a main character in each episode. To summarize: the show is like a New York-based version of The OC (in fact it's another Josh Schwartz creation), except the rich kids don't act like kids, they act like their parents. Meanwhile, the omniscient, omnipresent, anonymous oggler Gossip Girl blogs about it all.

So two episodes in, we're ready to delve in to the rich kids New York, and the not-as-well-off Humphrey family's "Brooklynville" (as the aging rocker dad calls it). Seems that both rich and poor can find a proper backdrop in LIC. The kids had a "Kiss on the Lips" party (pictured) which was filmed at popular wedding locale The Foundry, and the owner of the space has a nearby loft which has served as the Williamsburg loft of the aforementioned Humphrey clan. Interior shots for most of the show, including the loft, are being filmed at Silvercup Studios. More locations can be found on the NY Post map.

Back in LIC, Communitea is where the Humphrey men have breakfast. Uptown, however, we're told by Gossip Girl that their world doesn't indulge in scrambled eggs and Sunday papers, it's brunch and "we Upper East Siders don't do lazy." That's debatable. Another non-location-specific flaw: rock dad Rufus Humphrey would have totally been busted for stapling flyers up around town for his band, Lincoln Hawk. Meanwhile Upper East Sider Serena van der Woodsen, who has recently been seen canoodling with Rufus's son Dan Humphrey, doesn't know how to get out of a cab. And as with way too many New York shows, subways haven't yet been acknowledged as a mode of transportation.