Has the novelty of this show being filmed in New York, but not always realistically, worn off? Wethinks it has. Here is our last look at Gossip Girl and her urban explorations.

ggvan3.jpgFor the second time in the first 6 episodes, a girl who suddenly left town and all her friends a year ago came back unexpectedly, and quickly realizes that much has changed. But at least the show hasn't resorted to recycling plotlines yet. So let's look at this new girl, Vanessa. While we don't know too much about her background yet, they've made it pretty clear she's an East Village girl. Despite her compatibility with the other dorky pseudohipster outcast, her love of Veselka's pierogies and her desire to go see "Whatever's playing at the Angelika," Were the big tip offs. Perhaps her year away made her forget that the Angelika is a miserable place to see a random arthouse movie? Dan knows better, already attempting to take a date to the far superior Sunshine and perhaps should have suggested the midnight feature there instead...if he wasn't trying to sneak away and crash a masquerade ball.

We couldn't figure out the interior location of the fête, though the final scene outside looked like the back entrance to Gotham Hall, perhaps? Regardless, it set the scene for Chuck mistaking Jenny for a "hot bitch from Chapin," which might have been the amazing line of the show so far.