The people behind this stunning timelapse call it a "mixtape" made up of 321 different shots taken over a two week period of time. The 3.5 minute piece was made for the 2013 US Open broadcast on ESPN, and the team recently discussed the shoot, their process, and navigating New York with their crew:

"The vision for the shoot came down to the word Grand. Everything had to be big and wide. Showcasing the enormity of NYC; the biggest, brightest backdrop for the 2013 US Open. So with that in mind, think big for every shot.

When the weather is right, aim up and get those big clouds rolling over the city. When the clouds aren’t running, aim down and turn your attention to other moving elements. People and cars. Shadows creeping."

And as for shooting around the city: "Sometimes we don’t ask at all and just get our stealth on. In situations like the subway or Grand Central, it is better to ask for forgiveness afterwards." Check it out below, but as always with timelapses, you may want to pipe in your own music.

[via Laughing Squid]