Screenshot from Max Touhey's video

While Admiral's Row, housed inside of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, isn't going to be around forever, it is still standing as of today (despite the city saying they would be torn down in January). The buildings are still in a state of beautiful decay, and don't look much different from when Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin ventured into them years ago—but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a new view into their tragic demise.

As recently as last month, Max Touhey got inside of the buildings (all of which will be destroyed, save Quarters B and the Timber Shed), and documented them some more. You can see his photos here, but we prefer this gorgeous video he made, which is soundtracked by Radiohead's "Separator."

And here's a look back at the Navy Yard's buildings when they were in their prime. [via Curbed]