While you were putting the moves on a sloppy Halloween version of Miley Cyrus, around 200 people were at Green-Wood Cemetery celebrating the Day of the Dead. Dia de Muertos is typically celebrated in Mexico from October 31st to November 2nd, where people build private altars honoring the deceased. The Green-Wood Cemetery event (held on Friday November 1st) was private, with personal invitations sent out, and kept to the true spirit of the celebration. When guests arrived, they were led by a band into the cemetery past various dance performances that told the tale of birth, life, love, death... and beyond. The evening (called "Memento Mori") culminated in a performance and party in the chapel.

Organizers Kevin Balktick and Mark Winkel (Winkel & Balktick), told us a little bit about the mysterious event, which "was a one-time happening... we have no plans to re-mount it." He worked with Green-Wood Cemetery, scenic designer James J. Fenton, and the Third Rail theater company to make it all happen. Balktick says:

"We had a beautiful dream of an enchanting, meaningful and fun Dias De Los Muertos experience, got a team together, approached Green-Wood with complete honesty and respect, and worked as hard as we could to make our dreams come true. This experience and its message was very earnest. Absolutely consistent with the meaning of Dias De Los Muertos, where you honor your departed loved ones with respectful celebration.

Guests spent more time in a theatrical wonderland than at the concluding party. The party element was very positive and healthy feeling. It was not ironic and it wasn't Cinco De Mayo with sugar skulls."

Photographer Tod Seelie was in attendance and delivered us these gorgeous photos.