Today is All Hallows' Eve-Eve, meaning we have less than 48 hours to keep using candy and costumes as a way of pretending the world isn't going to shit all around us. Once Halloween passes, we'll have less things to distract us from the really spooky things out there—like the presidential election, which is less than a week away; the melting ice caps and destroyed reefs; and whatever inevitable email scandal pops up between now and November 8th—so hey, why don't you relax by looking at some pretty leaves?

Even though today is unseasonably warm (think of it as a prelude for what's to come!), the leaves are still changing color—it's nature's way of tricking you into thinking that everything will be okay. And damn, fall colors are soothing.

If you still haven't gotten your fix of fall foliage, check out some more gorgeous leaves here. Or, you know, just go outside. And if you have seen some awesome fall leaves, please, share them in the comments.