Some people like their sex anonymous, and it seems the same is true for folks who like to look at photographs of sexy folk on the street. In addition to all those surreptitious photos sites of hot guys that have been popping up, we now present you with the creepiness that is Dudes From Views, a beefcake gallery culled entirely from Google Maps street views (though it plans to incorporate other map sites in the future).

According to the site's creator, Dudes From Views was inspired as much by serious photography sites like 9-Eyes as by boy blogs. The author finds the photos on his own by looking for places where he thinks pretty people will be (beaches, gyms, running trails) and then scanning the pics. "It actually kind of makes me sea sick panning around though," he tells us. "I have to take breaks or close my eyes when I'm moving forward. But it's fun to get a good shot."

The biggest problems with finding anonymous hotties on Google Maps? The weather and the time. The latter because Google tries to take its StreetView photos when there are less people around to cover up (i.e. the mornings) and the former because Google has a habit of shooting in some areas in the winter, when everybody is covered up. "There are places up north (like New York, where I'm based) where I know there are hot guys but Street View and Bing ran during fall/winter time so I miss out on those pictures," he tells us. In other words, "No guys with tank tops in Chelsea."