Photos via O217's flickr

For agoraphobics, there's nothing better than Google Maps bringing a city park directly to your laptop. Currently you can enjoy the High Line via their street view option, which is almost like being in the open air park. Or at least, it's the closest you're going to get if you don't want to leave your cozy, enclosed apartment. Now the Google team has taken to Central Park, hopping on a special tricycle on Monday to capture the entire park via 360-degree street views.

The NY Times reports that the panoramic camera system has nine lenses mounted to the trike (with a whole a team of cyclists peddling the project forward). Together they will capture 58 miles of paths, capturing the autumn color, and maybe a coyote or two? So far Google is keeping mum about the project, not saying when it will be available online, and not even allowing the cyclists to speak with reporters (though one told the Times, “The hills are getting to me.”) It's likely they are still out there, at least through today.

When it goes live on the World Wide Web, it will join Clearview Park Golf Course in Queens, Dyker Beach Park in Brooklyn and Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, as well as the High Line, and other parks around the world.