gdi.jpgWho says you need forward moving plot when it comes to good movies? Certainly not Taiwanese director Tsai "Slow pacing? I'll show you slow pacing!" Ming-liang whose New York Film Festival 2003 entry, Goodbye Dragon Inn finally makes it to wider theatrical release this weekend. The story — if you can call it such, perhaps meditation on, would be better — of the final screening in a dilapidated Taipei movie house devoted to wuxia action flicks one rainy, rainy night.

The film's title comes from a reference to King Hu's famous movie Dragon Inn (1967) which is the last movie playing at the run down theater. As the old black and white movie unspools on screen, we see snippets of interactions between the patrons and the staff with the eerie space. It may be a little "European" in its pacing, but Goodbye Dragon Inn like Ming-liang's previous works The Hole and What Time Is It There, it's lyrical and beautiful. It's really a movie-lover's movie.

Catch Goodbye Dragon Inn at Cinema Village, starting Sept. 17. An article about Ming-liang on Sense of Cinema, if you're itching for more information on his oeuvre.