Earlier in the week the Sun pointed out that while Brooklyn may be "so hot right now" in terms of people and real estate that heat hasn't exactly turned into any money for the print-set. Just as quickly as new Kings County publications come out they seem to close. The latest to fold is the actually enjoyable The Brooklynite ("the only Brooklyn magazine to have published articles by a Pulitzer Prize-winner and a Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee champion!"). But before it goes gently into the night, the Brooklynite still managed to put out an online only final issue. And there are some goodies in it worth reading over including a story on beauty pagents in Brooklyn, one on the 350 botanicas ("Hispanic religious healing shops") that dot our city, and one on the 10,117 Native Americans that live in Brooklyn (who knew?).

Honestly, we're bummed The Brooklynite didn't make it. Especially compared to some of the other failed Brooklyn mags, it didn't suck.

Photo of Miss Norway of Greater New York 2005 from the Summer 2006 Brooklynite by Daniel Sagarin.