2006_02_wouldyou.jpgWith news stations getting into a frenzy and even the MTA cancelling their diversions because of this weekend's impending storm, Gothamist recommend sating your Project Runway fix and staying cozy at home at one time: Catch up on all the extra video clips from Project Runway. Chloe does an impression of Andrae, Santino stares down Tim, Nick laughs over Santino's tailoring, it's all great. And you can also see, if you really, really want to, the collections that Kara, Daniel, Santino and Chloe presented at Fashion Week today (last season, the producers had Wendy, Jay, Kara AND Austin present so people would still remain in the dark about who the final three are):
- Chloe Dao's collection
- Kara Janx's collection
- Daniel Vosovic's collection
- Santino Rice's collection

As for what to do tonight, we say that at the very least, you should program your TiVo for the last four episodes of Arrested Development. For reals!