You know who hates Park Slope the most? This guy. So he's left the 'hood and left its residents a very public reprimanding. He says amongst those residents that annoy him include "guys my age who aren’t put together, who slouch when they walk, who can’t order a slice of pizza with confidence, who look fidgety and skittish. A lot of these guys are also fathers. It troubles me." Maybe he hasn't seen them at the bar with their babies, a few beers loosen them right up! Anyway, you can read the whole takedown on his blog, but here's a little taste:

"I am leaving Park Slope because I am increasingly impatient with people too socially deficient to act like good neighbors. People who won’t spare five seconds to help an old lady. People who can’t figure out their way around without checking their iPhones. People who don’t say hi to the neighbors with whom they share a stoop. These things are getting noticeably worse. Rather than stew here and become the local grouch, I’m recognizing that I have passed my expiration date in this neighborhood. Time to exit gracefully."

Some of his hand-picked "reader reactions" are here, but as FIPS points out, he's gotten rid of comments, explaining, "I feel writers ought to seize a maximum amount of control over the reader experience. Why should a writer let anonymous strangers add unedited footnotes to his or her work? I will control which words appear on the site." (Someone has control issues.)

So where is this magical land without iPhone-addicted, unselfish, neighborly folk? Manhattan's Financial District.