Bright n' early this morning, almost too early for such a spectacle, Lady Gaga's monster masses converged on Rockefeller Plaza for a free show as part of the Today show's concert series. If you missed it, or even if you were there and somehow survived the madness (at least two fans were taken away by EMS), here's a little audio/visual recap!

By the way, the recording breaking crowd was estimated to be around 20,000 fans (though some were likely confused, terrified passerby). And elsewhere in the city, her fan's quirkiness brightened up some people's morning commutes—one woman Twittered: "The amount of gay guys dressed up in insane attire coming from the lady gaga concert def made my wait in penn station worth it..."

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And if you happen to pass by Madison Square Garden tonight, don't be surprised if you see just as many fans outside—Gaga is playing her final NYC show there tonight. If you capture any of the monsters on film, you know what to do!