Our favorite TV shows may go off the air, but we'll always have overpriced souvenirs to remember them by: as with Mad Men and The Americans, there is an online auction happening right now for pieces from one of the all-time great NYC shows, 30 Rock. Don't even try to pretend that you don't want a "Dr. Spaceman's Masters of Abnormal Brain Studies" medical certificate.

The Screenbid auction, which started last week, will run through October 19th, and contains 324 items from the show. It's a wide range of stuff, from D'fwan's D'Fwine White Throwing Wine to Liz's Timeless Torches Outfit to Jenna's Got Crabs Outfit.

The three most expensive/popular items so far (bids are over $1,900 for each of them) are the Jack Attack Autobiography, Jack's Extra Large Don Geiss Framed Portrait and Jack's Office Couch. As for highlights, it's hard to pick out just a few from a surreal grab bag of timeless jokes, but here we go: there's Tracy's "Man of the Year" Headline Newspaper, Tracy's "Church of Practicology" Framed Print, Tracy's Red Fur Coat, Jack's I Got Mugged Pamphlet, Elisa's Battlestar Galactica Long Sleeve T Shirt, Jack's Special Valentine's Day Outfit, Kenneth's NBC Formal Page Uniform , Tracy Jordan's Iconic Outfit, and Donald Glover's Blatholic Church Baseball Tee. Some lucky person is going to win the Sketchtron 6000, why not you?


Kenneth fans can slip into some Haunts Your Dreams Shorts, Dennis Duffy fanatics can score his Iconic Outfit (including leather jacket), and teenagers on the cusp of manhood will need the iconic Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Hands. There is an assortment of various Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney posters (including the Fat Bitch Print), and Kathy Geiss' Unicorn Print. And who would want to miss out on the Kimiko Body Pillow Cover?!?

If you're looking for a great deal on the cheaper end of the spectrum, there's Kenneth's Vintage Clown Print, Toofer's Gang Shark Leather Jacket, a Grizz & Herz T Shirt, and Pete's Loverboy Outfit. And you would be a fool—a fool I say—if you passed up the opportunity to purchase a full Men's Unwindulax Look outfit (including t-shirt and button up)! And don't worry ladies, they've got you covered too: catch crabs in paradise with Amy Sedaris' Unwindulax Look, which includes an iconic "I <3 Crabs" shirt.

And if you want to keep exploring the world of TV auctions, they also have a Parks and Recreation sale going on, and those Eagleton No Money Mo' Problems t-shirts aren't gonna buy themselves.