The NY Times has announced that its daily stock listings will be no more (Sundays will have the stock info for the week), and that their website will have a tricked out financial section. The paper will still print things like "performance listings of the top 100 stocks in the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index, market analysis, mutual fund information, charts tracking individual company performance and lists of foreign currency exchange rates," but that will only be on two pages. Now, there are many things that make Gothamist feel old (like the kids with their newfangled slang - what the heck is "true story" or realizing that we can't party like it's 1999 anymore), but this sends us back to middle school when we got classroom subscriptions to the NY Times and learned how to properly read the newspaper and its sections; of course, now kids are probably learning how to "properly" find news on a website. Sigh...and did we mention it was four miles uphill to get to school, and then it took 6 miles through a snake-filled ravine to get back?

The NY Times has classroom resources for teachers. And we guess that special ad unit over the stock listings couldn't do enough to offset the printing costs.