The Village Voice tackles a very controversial subject: The virtues of having fish as pets. Sloane Crosley believes that fish might be just like New Yorkers ("I am told the reason it's not cruel to put fish in a bowl (or, say, a twentysomething in a studio apartment) is because they are saved from trauma by a three-second memory"), and thus a perfect pet. Besides, you don't need to walk in the biting cold (Gothamist has been noticing more than the usual amount of dog poo on the sidewalks; people, just because it'll freeze doesn't mean it's right!). However, the ultimate Gothamist lithmus test for pets is "If you can't hug it, it's not a pet," so perhaps any future goldfish purchase will be a feng shui object.

Do you prefer the company of fish? There's a site, The Goldish Sanctuary, that's dedicated to the "humane treatment of golfish everywhere." Here's another goldfish care site, plus here's fish supply stuff from Petco. Gothamist is not totally down with multi-color Goldfish crackers or the sunglasses-wearing Goldfish - they are crackers, not people! And Troy McClure had a thing for fish.