Ah, along with the impending cold front, holiday sales, and smell of pine (from the tree sellers on the corner), Gothamist is enjoying the rites of winter with today's announcement of the Golden Globe nominations. The Golden Globes, best known as the boozy, somewhat suspect, but first awards ceremony of the year, picking rollicking wine-n-buddy movie, Sideways to lead the film contenders, with 7 nominations in the Best Comedy/Musical category; Closer and Million Dollar Baby topping the drama nominees with 5 nods each.

In the TV categories, Desperate Houswives cleaned up with five nominations (all the MILFs are nominated, except for the MILFiest one, Eva Longoria!). Desperate Housewives is fun and everything, and God knows that Marcis Cross must have a TV show, but Gothamist knows why the Hollywood Foreign Press Association betstowed so much love on them: They want hot ladies in hotter dresses at the ceremony. That's why Debra Messing keeps getting nominated. Then it's a lot of the usual "HBO gets lots of nominations stuff." Meh. And with three nominations (one for best actor for Ray, one for best supporting actor in Collateral, and one for a TV role), the HFPA really wants Jamie Foxx to win SOMETHING.

Gothamist's first thoughts on the nominations:
Film - yay for Sideways, yay for Kinsey, ha! to Ashely Judd getting nominated for Delovely, and we're excited to see Hotel Rwanda and The Sea Inside...we'd just like to know that there were compelling roles for women in mainstream cinema

TV - Glad for Arrested Development's nomination, but if Charlie Sheen wins over Jason Bateman or Larry David, by Jove, we'll freak out!

The Golden Globes will be awarded on January 16.