James Franco

, the actor/graduate student/ documentarian/ performance art fan/ artist, was interviewed by Parade magazine. He revealed tidbits about acting on General Hospital, acting (and love scenes) with Julia Roberts, and his life as a student. Yes, Franco really loves going to school—he must, since he's headed to Yale this fall for a Ph.D. in English at Yale, after recently studying at Columbia's graduate writing program and NYU's Tisch film program.

Franco said, "It saved me in a way. Going to school grounds me. It exposes me to incredibly smart people who are teaching all the subjects that I'm interested in. It keeps me focused where, before, I just would get very anxious about needless things." Of course, he makes some of his fellow students needlessly anxious.

Franco is currently working on another General Hospital stint (his character is an artist named Franco), but his first art show is also currently on display in Tribeca. And, come August, you'll be able to see him in the upcoming Julia Roberts movie Eat Pray Love (he plays a rebound boyfriend!), which comes out in August. FOREVER FRANCO!