In a few days we'll all be stuffing our faces with turkey, pies and other foods that will make us fall asleep (mmm...tryptophan). Still not ready for the big feast? Check out this last minute guide to ordering in on the big day. And for the veggies amongst us it's never hard to find a Tofurky at the last minute! Of course, there are always reasons not to celebrate.


Once we're all done eating we have officially been launched into the holiday season. This means shopping, holiday events, exhibits and enjoying all the seasonal decor that pops up around the city. Orchard Street has already put up its holiday decorations, in the form of garland and lights that hover above a stretch of the LES blocks. So if you're in town this week/weekend you should immerse yourself in yuletide splendor. Or should we say Splenda. Yes, Splenda has made a life-sized, modernized Gingerbread House (pictured above) that will be on display in Herald Square, until it is eaten (or inhabitated). But who are we kidding, we know our audience and we know Thanksgiving is really about drinking with old friends and listening to quasi-celebrity Paul Sevigny deejay at Marquee. This years Thanksgiving Eve Bash at that venue is hosted by Danny Masterson (the one with all the hair on That 70's Show). So drink, dance and give thanks that you aren't at some local hometown bar mingling with the graduating class of 1994 (oh wait, that's where we'll be.)

For more events go here. For more parties this week go here. If you still believe go here. And as always, sometime before you take your first bite of green bean casserole, Coolfer will be supplying you with a list of bands to check out this week...