2007_05_gods_pottery.jpgLike the Blues Brothers, God's Pottery are on a mission from God. But instead of driving through malls or shooting up dope, they're changing the world one youth at a time through inspirational song. All the prayer and hard work have paid off for band members Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb because May 21st they'll be recording an EP at Comix for Comedy Central Records. Gothamist sat down with these holy crusaders to do a little Q and A about G-O-D.

How did you come to the attention of Comedy Central Records and do you think being affiliated with a comedy institution will detract from the religious message of your music?
It’s a funny story! A couple of year ago, we were asked to be part of a CD entitled “Invite Them Up!” We assumed that this was some sort of religiously-themed, pro-Heaven album, so we gladly accepted. It turns out it was a “comedy” album by two men named Robby Tisdale and Eugene Mirman (who has become a good Jewish friend of ours). Comedy Central Records released the album, and later asked us if we wanted to record some more music for them. While it’s a little odd to be working with a comedy label, we’re thankful for any opportunity we have to spread our message to the Youth of today. We just want to make the world a better place, and comedy certainly does that (George Lopez, anyone??)!

Were there ever any times in your life when, perhaps due to unfortunate circumstances, you took the lord's name in vain or doubted God's existence?
We’ve never doubted his existence… how can you doubt something that’s true! But we are not perfect. Like all humans, we sin and speak ill of the Lord. Just last month, I (Gideon) shouted out the Lord’s name in vain (“O Lord!” I shouted) after losing to Jeremiah for a 14th consecutive time at “Dance Dance Revolution.”

Can you share the story of a time when you felt God intervened in your life in someway or made himself known to you?
One time we were trying to open a jar of pickles, and I (Jeremiah) tried first, but it was really stuck! Gideon offered to try, so I passed the jar over to him and he opened it. Now, either I loosened it or God helped because there is no way Gideon could do that if I couldn’t.

What are some new dangers that America's youth must watch out for?
Gosh, there are so many dangers facing the Youth of Today. Obviously there are the carnal desires that most pubescent teens experience, as well as the temptation to try drugs like Pop Rocks or “grass”. (We’ve got an idea for the Youth… If you want to try “grass,” just head over to the park for some exercise!) There’s also this new drug in the Midwest called “crystals” or something that people can make themselves at home out of household items, like cough syrup and cinnamon gum! Danger there!

Sometimes, though, the dangers are much more subtle, such as the danger of Being Impolite. Who hasn’t been in such a rush to deposit their wages that they forget to thank the homeless man who is holding the bank door for them? It can happen to anyone, but the Youth are at extra risk. That’s why we developed our series of “Life Skillz” to teach the Youth how to handle difficult situations through the magic of theatre.

What are some projects that you're currently involved in or contemplating?
We are quite busy these days. Last summer, we held “The Concert For LaVert” to help raise money for a wonderful young black boy we met in Harlem when we got lost on the subway one day. LaVert had cancer… we were led to believe. Anyway, even though it turned out he wasn’t actually “sick,” we realized something very important that day: why spend our time saving one life when we could be saving literally MILLIONS?!! That is what led to the new show we are developing, “God’s Pottery Saves the World.” We take on more global issues like adoption, drug addiction, Africa, etc. It’s quite exciting! We’ll be performing that show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scot-land in August. Before that we’ll be sharing the Good Word at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, France. We’re also developing some video projects, but we can’t talk about those yet (top secret!)--check back on our website and Ourspace.

Please share your strangest "only in New York" story.
We once saw a RAT eating a New York FRANKFURTER in the SUBWAY next to a NEW YORK POST--how “New York” is that?! However, that happened in Boston.

Which New Yorker do you most admire?
Probably The Port Authority. He keeps things moving—he’s in charge of so much, and always seems to do the right thing. We just wish people would take better care of his bus station.

Given the opportunity, how would you change New York?
One thing that we don’t “love” about the city is how big some of the buildings are. Sure, it’s fun if you’re “at the top,” but what about all the people down on the street? We’d like to see New York eventually become more like some of our favorite towns in the Midwest. Instead of “stacking everything up,” why not spread it out over lots of miles? How about a nice big mall that you can drive to? Also, we’d add a monorail.

Under what circumstance have you thought about leaving New York?
Well if the Al Gore flooding movie is correct, we’d definitely move, probably to the Gulf Coast.

What's your idea of a perfect day of recreation in New York?
We’d arise at dawn and begin the day with some vigorous calisthenics. After PJT (prayer, juice, and toast), we’d spend a few hours in the studio working to perfect our unique blend of music, people-skills and Biblical “know-how.” Later in the day we would power-walk our way up to Central Park to commune with the Youth and try out some of our new material. After a “cat-nap” on the grass (See kids? Wholesome fun with grass!), we’d head home to watch Nanny 911 (because in a PERFECT world it would always be on!) before settling in for a restful ten hours of sleep, knowing we’d had fun and made a difference as well.

Join God's Pottery for the recording of their first EP for Comedy Central Records on Monday, May 21st at Comix . Tickets are $10 and the event also features performances from comedians Todd Barry and Nick Kroll.