Anil Dash

has left the building. His building in New York City, that is. According to his weblog, he's "moving to San Francisco", which in our experience is an expression that can mean many things - sex change, nervous breakdown, or gold rush. In his case, Anil claims to be moving there to be closer to the rest of the Six Apart team. As the public edition of MovableType 3.0 is soon to be released, this explanation has an air of truth about it. While some have suggested Anil is fleeing NYC just ahead of a mob of bloggers incensed about the MT 3.0 pricing plans, this seems at best a rumor. It seems more likely to us that Anil is moving to SF to assume his place in some sort of strange three-way marriage with the Trotts. Alaina, beware!

What Gothamist can't understand is why Six Apart doesn't have an office in NYC, which is quickly becoming the center of the blog world. For godsakes, there are rumors Jason Calacanis is moving back to town, Lockhart Steele is launching his super-secret Curbed blog on Monday, and Nick Denton has bought real estate here! With juice like that, the Big Apple deserves some more attention from the blog companies. When was the last time you saw someone from Blogger or MT eating at Gray's Papaya or passing out fliers you throw to the sidewalk immediately after getting them? Never! And we haven't seen Biz Stone at the McDonalds on West 4th in like four years! They are all over there in San Francisco, drinking their chai lattes and laughing at us.

Anyway, Gothamist predicts that Anil Dash will one day return to New York, heralding the beginning of a messianic age of peace - or MT 4.0.