Wondering why Google's homepage is all moony today? The first lunar eclipse of 2011 is happening from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. PST today....which means right now! You can watch a live Google feed below, or a slightly more detailed one here. But don't be alarmed if a Decepticon suddenly bursts through the moon: with all the Transformers: Dark of the Moon pop-up ads, this whole lunar thing may very well turn out to be some sort of diabolical high-concept advertising.

The lunar eclipse, which is set to be the longest in over a decade, will only be visible to people in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia... just about everywhere but North America. Which is why Google set up their cam for everyone to see, as they wrote in a blog post this morning:

Naturally, when we learned that part of the world will be treated to a rare 100-minute long total lunar eclipse starting at 11:20am PDT today, we were both excited and disappointed that this rare occasion wouldn’t be visible from our Mountain View campus like last year’s eclipse. We suspect we aren’t alone, so you’ll be glad to know that we’ve worked with Slooh Space Camera to let you experience the spectacle wherever you are in the world, in real time.

So really, we get the best of both worlds: we can watch the eclipse above, and appreciate the bright sunny skies hovering above New York at the same time. You can follow along with thousands of other people who are RT the event here. And maybe, just maybe, we finally have an explanation as to why the bees have been going crazy lately (not really).