Cast of characters in the blog world

In the way too small world of bloggers and blogging and gadgets and gadget bloggers and gadget blogging, Peter Rojas's move from Gizmodo to start a new tech weblog, Engadget, got all the blognosticators and gadget geeks into a lather. sippey gives his thoughts on how Gizmodo should be run ("Scrap the single writer thing") and at Buzzmachine...well, in his take, Jeff Jarvis mentions Gizmodo publisher Nick Denton, singer Bjork, Engadget backer Jason Calacanis, something about Amazonians and Nubians, new Gizmodo editor Joel Johnson, and then goes off into this weird free association thing about the first Gizmodo guest blogger, Brendan Koerner, being "unhappy looking chap but then, Pete's no Jim Carey [sic] himself." Huh? Jim Carrey? Did Jarvis have a bet with someone, to see if he could mention two Oscar ceremonies attendees in a post about gadget blogs? Or is the expectation that gadget bloggers need to mug, be spastic, and hog the spotlight? And, sure, Brendan Koerner's photograph makes him look like Jack White's sad, sad brother, what do you expect from someone who writes for the wonderful Explainer at Slate.

Overpaid comedic actors with serious depression issues aside, the real question is whether the competition will cause a pricing war, causing the fake profits to disappear (where will the Monopoly money go?). Gothamist believes that both companies will grind each other into the dust and end up getting acquired by a Japanese USB noodle cooler manufacturer, a subsidiary of Bratz, or an internet casino.

The official word about staff changes from Gizmodo and Nick. And Peter on starting Engadget.