Animal Shelters around the city need your help. For a variety of reasons (the heat being a big one) there are more animals being surrendered to shelters than in years past and coupled with a lowered adoption rate city shelters are at capacity. To put that in numbers: Animal Care & Control (which deals with most of these animals) is taking in about 33% more animals than last year while people are adopting 8% less.

How can you help? If you're thinking about surrendering your pet (Gothamist says: grrrrr...) you should wait a little while for space to open up in the shelters. And if you're thinking about adopting a pet you should take this as your opportunity (we mean, c'mon, look at how cute 3-month old Honey is with his little extra toes). To make adopting even easier prices have been reduced ($30 per cat and $75 per dog, including spay/neuter, shots and follow-up vet visits). Check out the AC&C website for more information.