All you event planners are some seriously tough people: you've mastered the art of elegantly juggling armfuls of pamphlets and nametags while flawlessly fielding questions about the day's agenda. You're the intrepid organizer who maintains constant communication with event attendees while having the grace and poise of a person who always knows how that fickle projector functions.

You work hard to get things just right for your guests—everything from the perfect pancake breakfast to the meticulously curated programming meant to inspire and energize each and every attendee. But if you think that in order to conquer this job properly, you must tether yourself to two cell phones and an army of interns, think again. Events no longer take place in the stone ages, people! Enter Wavework: it's an enterprise event-organizing and customer experience platform that will help you totally crush it.

How does it work? Easy. Wavework is your secret weapon that engages event attendees, adds value to their experience, and helps you optimize every touch point and interaction, from ticketing to post-event communication. Be in the moment: Wavework lets you post helpful information like reminders, points of contact, and scheduling changes. Want to be a bit bolder? Get pushy. You can alert attendees to important happenings through targeted notifications. (Surprise wine and cheese reception on the patio, anyone?)

Give your partners and sponsors the attention they deserve—Wavework lets you promote the paying folks who added that extra oomph to your event, targeted specifically to the right people. Post engaging questions, calls-to-action, live polls, and giveaways on the feed. Need to get in touch with someone directly? No problem. Feel free to ping a specific attendee for that oh-so personal touch.

Your event feed is your canvas. Go wild! Promote your event's best highlights and snapshots and boost attendee interaction. And with social integration, you can spread the good word simply by sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—no need to keep everything a secret. And hey, the fun doesn't end when the party's over. Stay in touch with your event attendees through in-app messaging or email, and get rich metrics on their experience to ensure your next activation goes above and beyond.

So go ahead: amp up your event experience and give your attendees what they deserve, before, after, and in real-time. Sign up now for three free months of Wavework upon launch, use at your next event, and watch the rave reviews pour in.

To learn more, check out their website, and download Wavework on the App Store or Google Play today.

This post is brought to you by Wavework.