After Adam Lambert's racy, same-sex kiss-and-simulated blow job performance on the American Music Awards, Good Morning America cancelled the singer's performance on the morning show. But now it turns out that GMA is welcoming admitted, convicted girlfriend-beater Chris Brown to the program next week.

According to Radar, "Brown will be appearing on GMA in early December. He's doing a pre-taped "tell all" with co-anchor Robin Roberts. It will likely be followed by a live in-studio performance although the details of that are still being worked out." However, an ABC insider tells Page Six, "[Lambert] was not canceled over a gay kiss. He showed himself to be unpredictable on live TV.... Chris Brown's interview was booked way before Adam Lambert took to the stage. It is to give him a chance to respond to Rihanna's interview. The possibility of him performing a song will be worked out next week."

Yesterday, the NY Times' Alessandra Stanley pondered whether a double standard was being applied to Lambert: "It wasn’t the best musical performance by any means, but it wasn’t the worst display of sexual debauchery either. Mostly it was a reminder of television’s policy regarding gay men: Do tell, just don’t show."