Glenn Beck may have left Fox News, but he is still out there letting his freak flag fly for those willing to shell out for his personal network, GBTV (slogan: "The truth lives here."). Initially we didn't jump to pay $9.95/month to have Beck talking at us from our computer screens, but we've started rethinking our policy. Why? Because Glenn Beck now has a kids show! It's called Liberty Treehouse (of course it is!) and it features news segments aimed at kids. Reading Rainbow, this ain't.

Yup, you read that right. The show, which isn't hosted by Beck but does lead directly into his 5 p.m. webcast, "will not only entertain children and young adults, but it will respect them and their knowledge and passion for history, art, science and current events" according to a statement Beck gave Politico. The show sounds like a Tea Party take on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood without any of the charm, grace or wit of Mr. Rogers (who was quite a religious man). In the first episode, for instance, the host Raj Nair gives a look at straw polls and debates and why they are important. This is almost like having Mike Huckabee teach kids about 9/11!

But politics and news aren't the only thing the Treehouse will have in it. In addition there will also be curated segments from 1950s TV shows like Ozzie & Harriet and Flash Gordon as well as cartoons like Popeye. And did we mention the section called 'Drive Thru History' "produced by the conservative evangelical nonprofit National Day of Prayer Task Force." We would love to meet the kids who want to watch this kind of programming.

The show starts on GBTV on Monday. If anybody can bring themselves to watch it, we'd love to hear about it!