Thus far, it seems Google Glass sightings have been few and far between, with lone Glasses popping up atop Cronuts, on the L train, and at grand foodie festivals. But all that ends tomorrow, when Glassholes descend upon our fair city by the hundreds—nay, thousands, perhaps, thanks to Google's new "Glass Night Out" initiative. Tomorrow, the multinational corporation is encouraging all those who hold the Glass to Google Hangout IRL and toast one another's contribution to the cyborg revolution.

Google announced plans for "Glass Night Out" on Google+, heralding the event as a "part of a community initiative to have a formal Explorer meet up, team with local businesses, and help dispel Glass myths to all." Thus far, a total of eight cities will witness the Great Glasshole Invasion of 2014, with meetups planned in NYC, Boston, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, to name a few.

New York's event appears to be posted in a private Google+ group meant to be seen only by the Glass-covered eye, or something. But fear not, non-Explorers, for there'll be plenty more opportunities to spot the Glass-flicking masses in the wild once the computers start latching onto Glass-wearers' corneas, tapping into their temporal lobes and using mind control to force them to spread the Good News about Android phones.