2003_9_giseletaxi.jpgIf you see a really hot, tall girl in a chauffeur's uniform around town, no, it's not your fantasy come to life, it's just DiCap's girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, "acting" as a chauffeur in Taxi, some sort of comedy starring Queen Latifah as a cabdriver and Jimmy Fallon as an ambitious detective (wowee, what a spin on the interrcial buddy movie - a skinny pretty white boy and a beautiful rapper-turned-Oscar nominated black woman!). Gisele plays either a Brazilian thief or the head of a Brazilian smuggling operation - you know, something highly improbable. But Gothamist is praying for a long and drawn out fight scene, where Latifah shows Gisele who is Queen.

Updated: Reader Brendan emailed us this picture of a clearly-souped up taxi cab that Queen Latifah will be driving. Egads, Gothamist fears what flimsy plot device propels the appearance of this cab. But we'd like any stories of busy people trying to jump into this cab for a ride, much to the chagrin of PA's guarding the thing.