Before you start reading this interview, there's something you should
know: Girlynyc is my best friend, so instead of pretending that I don't know her and she was answering my questions from across a tape recorder-whirring table or via email, I booked over to her apartment, bought her a diet vanilla coke, and watched her sort her cookbooks while she answered my questions, sometimes twice when her computer ate my typing. Girlynyc, in addition to being an anonymous blogger extraordinaire (with GirlNYC, which I greatly miss and wish she'd post in more often, and the super sexy panty blog Hottpants, that always makes me want to rush out and buy or steal some new undies), writes smutty stories, and always has advice for me about basically everything - sex, food, clothes, dating, taxes, transportation. She knows the best bars and restaurants to go to on the cheap, and is always up for a true New York adventure, be it a day at the zoo or a flea market. Oh yeah, and she's also on staff at Gothamist as a writer for Gothamist Food.

She is super organized, smart and fun, and manages to seem both older and more mature than her chronological age would indicate while also being able to knock back beers and laugh her head off. Yes, mature, smart AND fun and sexy - she's got it all, and can look foxy whether she's wearing some slip of a skirt or climbing a ladder in jeans and a tank top.

So instead of the more mundane questions about people's "work," I emphasized the "girly" part of her name and asked Girlynyc about the really important things in life - food, panties, shopping and whether Brooklyn is better than Manhattan. Read on.

When did you start your blogs?

Girlynyc - last July

Hottpants - this July

What made you start blogging?

With Girlynyc, I wanted someplace to put kindof a record of all my different little adventures around New York, like going to the zoo or Governor’s Island, cool little things I wanted to keep track of that and be able to show my friends exactly what happened.

Hottpants is kindof an investigation into the world of panties. It's kindof about panties but kindof about my research into the panty industry. It started out as “ooh, I want to open a lingerie store research project” but I’m not really sure how it’s gonna go.

Have you gotten any free panties yet?

I’ve been promised free panties but no free panties have yet arrived.

If someone wants to send you panties, what should they do?

Email me and let me know and I’ll give them my address.

What's your favorite thing about running your blogs?

For Hottpants, it’s having people email me cool things about panties, which people have been doing a lot, which is cool because Hottpants is the only blog about panties that I know of. I do get a lot of referrals from people I do and don’t know about different things happening in the world of panties and lingerie, and I haven’t had any weird people contact me yet so that’s good.

For girlynyc, I haven’t been writing on it that much but if I have something really cool that I want to keep track of I put it on there.

So you said that Girlynyc was kindof a way for you to tell people about cool stuff that you’ve done and have a record of it. Do you go back and reread your
entries, like a diary?

Sometimes I do to check on something but I honestly haven’t really looked at it in a long time and couldn’t tell you what’s on there now really.

I think I’ve been having a lot of fun and have not really had a lot of chance to keep track of it all so I think that that kindof functionality of the blog has kindof gone away, so now it’s kindof a scrapbook, kindof a Jen Chung-type blog than a diary type blog.

You first started Girlynyc and then recently launched the popular Hottpants panties blog - can you tell me about your panty obsessions?

I’m trying to figure out what I want to figure out what I want to do with my life when I stop being an office lady, and I told my friends to keep their eyes out for any little obsessions I have, so that I can follow up on those and see where I want those to take me, and one of my obsessions is cookbooks, so I put that into the Gothamist Food thing, but someone did notice that I’m very obsessed with panties so I thought I would use the panty blog to explore that and see where that was going to go.

I think that the lace hotpants are a great invention, I especially like this brand called Hanky Panky, and those are super comfortable. Any kind of lace boy
panties I think are really awesome, and they can be almost everyday panties with basically any type of clothes, which is hard to say about most underwear,
most panties are pretty clothing-specific. They’re pretty much all weather gear and they’re sexy and they make your butt look good, so I think they’re the
winners of the underwear contest.

You're an anonymous blogger, joining the ranks of many other anonymous NYC bloggers. Does being anonymous give you more freedom than you'd otherwise have?

I think there’s good things and bad things about being an anonymous blogger. One of the good things is that I can do my regular job and be a blogger, but I think one of the bad things is that I don’t really get credit in the real world for what I’m doing, like on Gothamist, and it makes it hard to call for review copies, so it makes me more semi-anonymous.

You also participated in Spencer Tunick's mass nude art project in Grand Central. What was that experience like?

It was really fun but very, very cold because it was 3 in the morning and the air was coming in from outside and it was really cold. They had us naked in Grand
Central for about an hour doing different poses and supposedly randomly walking around. But the first thing we did was lie on the cold marble floor, which
luckily we were told had been cleaned earlier.

Was it fun?

It was very fun, and the Metro North worker guys were getting a really big kick out of it. And afterwards, not only did they give us a picture of the shoot, which they always do, but you could also get a DVD of the whole experience, which was pretty cool too. The other thing was, I did it by myself, but I went and a ton of my friends were there, and I didn’t even know they were gonna be there. It’s great to be taking the subway randomly and be like, “Yeah, I’ve been naked here.”

This Thursday is a party that you're co-hosting called There's A Party In My Panties - can you tell me a little more about that and what inspired it?

It's cosponsored by Nichelle Newsletter and the Vicar’s Vice, which will be having a vintage lingerie show. There’s gonna be a cool DJ and a guess-how-many-boobs-are-on-the-wall-of-The-Tainted-Lady contest with prizes, to be announced. Everyone is welcome, bloggers and non-bloggers. The Tainted Lady Lounge itself inspired it.

You are my fashion guru and you always have lots of tips about fashion. How do you know so much about shopping bargains?

I know a lot about cheap shopping because I went to school didn’t have any money and basically had to scavenge to get business suits and look like I was
spending more money than I did, so I was trained out of necessity. Where I go right now for most of my cheap clothes, I’m a big fan of Daffy’s and the Triple S sample sale and besides that, I actually don’t shop very much.

You're also writing for this very site, a column called Gothamist Cooks (Kind Of) By The Book. Why'd you choose to do that and what meal would you love to cook or eat any time?

I have a huge pile of cookbooks at my hosue and I really like reading cookbooks and I like cooking and I don’t really get to so it forces me to cook something once a week and I get to actually cook instead of just reading cookbooks, and it gives me an excuse to buy more cookbooks, so that’s really fun for me.

Did you already a lot of cookbooks that are from specific New York restaurants?

No, but I’m a big shopper at the Strand so I was able to shop ther pretty easily and I’ve been borrowing from friends, but I did have some good cookbooks
already, but there are some cookbooks that are not New York specific, like the Macaroni & Cheese Cookbook (by Joan Schwartz), that coincidentally has a lot of recipes from New York restaurants. Or the Farmers Market Cookbook, which we just have a lot of farmers markets here, so something like that is Gothamist applicable because NY has a lot of green markets.

I like making macaroni and cheese, but I can’t really eat it cause I’m on Atkins and brownies but I can’t have that either, but I do really like deviled eggs,
like the deviled eggs I made for my first Gothamist food recipe. There’s a lot of things I would like to learn how to make, like this grilled vegetable lasagna from Miss Williamsburg, which I’m going to write about this week (Friday).

Can you give us a sneak peek at some of the recipes you are going to test out?

I am going to make something from Patricia Yeo’s cookbook Cooking from A to Z, maybe sushi, I’m probably going to make dinner Chiles Rellenos from Bobby Flay’s Bold American Food. And something from the forthcoming Chocolate Bar cookbook (Workman).

You are my only interviewee who actually lives in Manhattan, and I know you recently moved from Brooklyn Heights to the East Village. So, Brooklyn vs.
Manhattan, which is better?

I liked my old commute better because it wasn’t as stressful, now I take the L to the R in the morning, and it’s a total rat race. And in Manhattan you feel really stranded if you leave, it’s kindof like you’re stuck on an island, and you
feel like the suggestion of going to Brooklyn or Queens is a trial, because you could be stuck out there. It’s kindof mentally isolating, but I like it not taking an
hour to get home anymore.

What's your favorite bar and restaurant in the East Village?

I like Brunetta’s on 4th Avenue and 12th Street, they have a great garden in the back and very homey Italian food. And of course my favorite bar is Dick’s cause it’s super cheap, $1 off at happy hour and 2 for 1.

Best place to have sex in New York?

Either the Submit party or the High Line.

Describe your perfect New York day.

#1 - Sleep in.

Brunch, of course.


Go to a garden or museum and look at pretty things.

And then beer and burlesque with friends.

Do you consider yourself a confirmed New Yorker, or do you see yourself moving at any point?

Yes, unless I move to another country because I like going places and figuring them out, and New York I feel like I’m never going to really have figured out,
which is great. I feel like I really have the rest of America figured out even if I haven’t been there, but I think another country would be cool.

Is there any city that’s sexier than New York?


Any words of advice for newly arrived New Yorkers?

Move away from the subway doors.

Visit Girlynyc's blogs at Girlynyc and Hottpants.

-- Interview by Rachel Kramer Bussel