GIRLS' penultimate episode finally touched down last night and... it was sort of meh. Can Konner and Dunham pull off a showstopper finale next week? There are still some loose ends to tie up, and I'm not sure I buy the Hannah/Jessa reunion, so we'll see what they can do before the hammer comes down. Let's dig in.

Hannah has been writing "for the internet" for all of five minutes, so naturally she gets hired at a university upstate to teach children how to blog or optimize SEO searches or something. Her very inappropriate new boss is cool with her being pregnant, and also comments on her "gorgeous" breasts. So, yes, the perfect job just dropped into Hannah's lap. Still, saying Goodbye To All That is a big decision, so naturally Hannah has to consult all of her idiot friends about it.

Elijah, bless his heart, is extremely anti-Hannah leaving. "I don't understand why you'd want to leave New York," he tells her. "That's like what your family makes you do when you're too deep into crack to stop them." Oh, Elijah, how behind the times you are. But Elijah's upset she's abandoning him, which is fair, though perhaps he'd be better off without having Hannah as a crutch. It appears that getting the part in White Men Can't Jump: The Musical will make the transition easier for him, though.

Hannah's dad is pro her taking the new job, though his partner points out that he wouldn't have met Tad on had he bounced when he was going to. Also in other people's opinions: Gaby Hoffman, who blessedly returns, tells her fleeing New York will cure what ails her. Meanwhile, a dude flirts with Hannah on the subway, then turns on her and calls her "ma'am" when he sees that she's pregnant, which—no matter how insignificant a moment—certainly won't make her want to stay.

The person Hannah can't reach, though, is Marnie, who we are still supposed to believe is her "best friend" even though they spent like four minutes a season together. That all changes when Hannah drops by Shosh's apartment to discover Shosh is having an engagement party, because Shosh has somehow become ENGAGED in the few months (max) that I assume have passed between the last episode and this one. Shosh didn't invite Hannah because Hannah didn't tell her she was pregnant, but she did invite Marnie, Elijah and Jessa.

Marnie calls a group meeting (classic Marnie move), which is one of the only times this "group" has been together this season. Marnie's trying to convince the gang that everyone can still hang out like normal, but Shosh points out that they can't spend time together without one person making the whole situation about themselves. Shosh's new fiance has helped her realize how "exhausting and narcissistic and ultimately boring this whole dynamic is," so she's dumped her old pals for people with good jobs and purses.

Hannah says she's been driven out of New York by homeless men making bowel movements on the street, as if she's only lived in this city for fifteen minutes and not six television seasons. And Marnie, who ignored Hannah's last couple of phone calls, is mad Hannah didn't tell her.

Then Jessa, who has been egregiously villainized of late, has her best moment this season. She and Hannah have a heart-to-heart, in which Jessa reveals she quit graduate school to spend more time working on herself. She gives Hannah a baby dress, Hannah tells her she's having a boy, and Jessa tells Hannah she's sorry "for everything" in an emotionally raw moment. As Hannah points out, though, at this point there's nothing for anyone to be sorry for. "If you think about it, we were all just doing our best," she says, though as Jessa notes, "Our best was awful." It's the most genuine moment in the episode, and perhaps one of the few during this uneven season. And in the end, it appears Hannah does move upstate.

Everything still feels a little too crunched together to be The End for GIRLS. The show already tried to do the "Goodbye to All That" thing when Hannah briefly moved to Iowa, and I still can't keep track of where all the characters are. What's going on with Marnie? What's really going on with Jessa? Is Ray running for mayor? AND HOW DID SHOSH GET ENGAGED?

I guess we'll....find out next week! Or not.

Some notes:

  • "Lust fades and friendship never does. If you nurture it." Girl spews truths!
  • "You are a f*cking hotshot." I will not miss this show fawning over Hannah's mediocre writing as if she's Jia Tolentino.
  • I can't imagine anything better than someone paying a writer (me?????? choose me!!!!!!!) to live in the woods and write.
  • The Mysteries of Pittsburgh is definitely not good.
  • Of course Shosh met her fiance at a Sprinkles cupcake ATM and of course his name is Byron. But good for Shosh.
  • Has Elijah been auditioning for "White Men Can't Jump: The Musical," for the last three months? Seriously, how much time has passed since episode 7? HOW IS SHOSH ENGAGED?

Next week: IT ENDS.