Lindsayism! Photo: NY Daily News

The Daily News tries to explain what blogs are to their audience by introducing a number of New York area female bloggers (you know, 'cause are more approachable and if they can do it...). There's a cute picture of Lindsay Robertson online that quickly refutes the any ideas that girl bloggers are shut-ins and confirms their fondness for bars. Besides this site's XX factor, female bloggers featured are (in first name alphabetical) Amy Langfield, Blaise Kearsley, Elizabeth Spiers, Eurotrash, Maccers, Maud Newton, Meg Hourihan, and Megan McArdle. And writer Rick Bruner gives the readership the soundbite, with this quote from Dana, aka numberonehitsong: "For all of us who never got asked to the prom, it's really gratifying."

Today's Young Manhattanite Interview is with Maccers; previous YMI have been with Blaise K, Elizabeth, and Maud. Check them out!