0808wburgpageant.jpgEarlier this year Williamsburg resident Misha Calvert found herself being arrested for stealing two 40-oz Colt 45 bottles at a bodega in the neighborhood. Embarrassing! The 25-year-old took it in stride and somehow successfully pitched her own community service idea to the judge: a Mr. and Miss Williamsburg Pageant. No, really. FreeWilliamsburg reports that it'll all go down at Supreme Trading on September 5th, and there's still time to order your Bedford Avenue scarf, iron your skinny jeans, look up ironic in the dictionary, lose all sense of self, join the flock and enter! Calvert declares "It's not just about looks. Contestants will be judged on personal interview and talent as well. But like most situations we are judging each other, beauty does play a part. Why a pageant? Because they're awesome." Society, consider Calvert's debt paid.