Jersey Shore

may be in between seasons right now, but people are still talking about it... specifically, Annabelle DeSisto, one of the ladies who was lured back to the cast's Miami pad by Mike Sorrentino, a full grown adult who has given himself the nickname "The Situation."

The two met at nightclub Space (which was sort of set up by producers) and yadda yadda yadda, DeSisto ends up in The Situation's bed. When he finds out she's not DTF ("down to fuck"), he tosses her out and does not come across very well in doing so. Now DeSisto has told her entire story to Best Week Ever, and we find out just how much fleeting stardom has inflated The Situation's ego. Also, question for aspiring actresses with boyfriends who go home with reality show stars at 4 a.m. just to get some screen time: what do you think you are going back there for? Anyway, read the entire interview over at BWE, but here's a little taste:

He kept saying, “I’m bad, I’m bad. I’m bad, I’m bad, and I’m the baddest.” He also asked me if I was wearing underwear a lot. And then he's like, “Do you like getting your hair pulled? I need to know later when I ‘F’ you.” I was like, “Oh god!” That’s how it was for the entire night, him saying weird stuff. He kept asking me if I wanted to change clothes, like to get into something more comfortable like pajamas. I'm like, “Does everything you own have a rhinestone bulldog or dragon or Ed Hardy logo on it?” And he’s like “Yeah, of course!” And I was like, “Then I’m not changing clothes.” He was like, “Can you just shut up and blow me?”

His grandchildren are going to have so much fun with Google one day.