Bubb Rubb; Photo - KRONMaybe Gothamist is late to the party, but we just discovered Bubb Rubb and the "Woo woo" appeal of whistle tips. Who is Bubb Rubb and what are whistle tips? Whistle tips are these enhancements to car mufflers that emit high-pitched "woo woo" noises, noises so loud that Oakland, CA residents are upset, especially as they are non-stop, plus mask ambulance sirens. And, thanks to KRON Channel 4, Bubb Rubb, whistle tip fan, is an Internet celebrity. His description of the whistle tips ("The whistle tips go...woo-wooo") is Reason 46871034 the Internet was created.

Check out the video that launched a thousand MP3 woo-woo remixes. Be sure to see how Bubb Rubb and his sister, Lil Sis, demonstrate the whistle tip by peeling out of the body shop and run a stop sign. But, sadly for Bubb Rubb, the whistle tip is now illegal.

The Bubb Rubb Info Center. Or Google Bubb Rubb.

[Via Jon - thank you]